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Helping Moms and Kids

Maternal depression screening is the way to go.

Health care delivery is generally complicated, but it doesn’t always have to be. Change can occur through a simple step. Take the case of maternal depression. It is undisputed that depression is a highly treatable medical condition, especially if identified and treated early.

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How Sometimes When You Lose, You Really Win

  In my first ever swimming race, I came last. Not second. Not third. Last. It was a flashy promotional event put on by Speedo at the Olympic pool in London. Top athletes were there to swim with us. There was even branded bunting. In the photo taken afterwards, I am standing brazenly (and inaccurately) on the winner’s block. The three girls with whom I’m sharing the podium are also laughing and pulling faces. It’s a competitive scene, and there are cameras all around. I’ve just gained the worst possible result, and I look the heaviest I’ve ever been. It is also the happiest picture I have of me as an adult. Belonging was not a condition of your ability…

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