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Value-Based Payments: Easy to Envision, Difficult to Realize

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Television and film provide a surprising glimpse into the past and future. Consider the much-loved Back to the Future, where Marty McFly travels to October 2015 from his cozy 1985 confines. In an unscientific way, I spent some time looking at the first few scenes in the movie’s fictitious 2015 to compare them with how life actually turned out. VBPs are payer-provider contracts structured to provide payment and/or incentives for better outcomes. Today, 95 percent or more of our provider contracts are in pay for volume fee-for-service structures (not VBPs). Our crystal ball writers would probably score 25-30 percent on future predictability, with the huge misses being flying cars; hoverboards (this one is close as there are self-propelled skateboards, they…

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