Health Care Delivery

What Is the Value of Corporate Values?

Many corporations have corporate values. Most corporations list their corporate values on their websites. Great corporations are those that manage to back up their words with actions. MEANINGFUL actions. David Beigie, Vice President of Public Affairs for State Farm, writes about this issue in a recent blog post. In this very brief post, Mr. Beigie challenges the reader to think about corporate values differently. Employees need more than a PowerPoint and a post-test to successfully operationalize corporate values. We need connection with one another and with those we serve to validate whether we are doing what we say we do. During my first few weeks as a part-time employee, I was struck by how often I observed each of the…

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Thinking Out of the Mailbox: A New Model for Health Care Delivery?

  When it comes to solving health care delivery problems, who would think of the postal service as a potential source of solutions? Yet, a pilot program in Jersey, an island between France and England, has shown that this entrenched institution offered a creative way to provide care to a group of people who are among the most difficult to reach – the frail elderly. Although the pilot didn’t seek to provide a substitute for health and social care professionals, this group did exhibit some territorial defensiveness, with little active participation by incumbent providers. From 2010 to 2040, the number of islanders over 65 in Jersey is predicted to double. However, Jersey’s health system suffers from outdated models of health…

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