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The £350 million per week question: What will Brexit really mean for mental health and the NHS?

On June 23, Britain, by way of public referendum and by a 52-48% margin, became the first member state to vote to leave the European Union (EU). Nobody had planned for this.

As a tiny amount of Brexit dust begins to settle, it remains to be seen exactly what this unprecedented decision will mean for the National Health Service (NHS) and mental health services in the United Kingdom.

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Neuropsychiatry: Psychiatry’s Future?

Recently, a British journal[i],[ii] takes on the thorny issue of (as the authors see it) the artificial and deleterious divide between neurology and psychiatry. The special article by TJ Reilly, “The Neurology-Psychiatry Divide: A Thought Experiment,” takes a brief and whimsical approach to describing the differentiators to a Martian who has no knowledge of the history, while the longer, and impressively academic, editorial piece traces the history of the separation to make the same argument: All future psychiatrists should be neuropsychiatrists, according to a Psychiatrist article[iii]. There are several suggestions of differences between UK and US training (e.g., Reilly states UK training in either specialty may exclude any exposure to the other specialty) and practice (e.g., the treatment of conversion…

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Thinking Out of the Mailbox: A New Model for Health Care Delivery?

  When it comes to solving health care delivery problems, who would think of the postal service as a potential source of solutions? Yet, a pilot program in Jersey, an island between France and England, has shown that this entrenched institution offered a creative way to provide care to a group of people who are among the most difficult to reach – the frail elderly. Although the pilot didn’t seek to provide a substitute for health and social care professionals, this group did exhibit some territorial defensiveness, with little active participation by incumbent providers. From 2010 to 2040, the number of islanders over 65 in Jersey is predicted to double. However, Jersey’s health system suffers from outdated models of health…

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