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Addressing Depression Care Management in PCP Offices: Collaborative Care

If you have read Beacon Health Options’ white paper, “Integration,” you learned that more than half of all adults with major depressive disorder are already managed in primary care settings.

You also learned that most antidepressant medications are written by primary care physicians (PCPs). However, most concerning is that approximately 45 percent of those who complete suicide have seen their PCP within the past month.

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Neuropsychiatry: Psychiatry’s Future?

Recently, a British journal[i],[ii] takes on the thorny issue of (as the authors see it) the artificial and deleterious divide between neurology and psychiatry. The special article by TJ Reilly, “The Neurology-Psychiatry Divide: A Thought Experiment,” takes a brief and whimsical approach to describing the differentiators to a Martian who has no knowledge of the history, while the longer, and impressively academic, editorial piece traces the history of the separation to make the same argument: All future psychiatrists should be neuropsychiatrists, according to a Psychiatrist article[iii]. There are several suggestions of differences between UK and US training (e.g., Reilly states UK training in either specialty may exclude any exposure to the other specialty) and practice (e.g., the treatment of conversion…

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