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Shake It Up!

Disruptive Health Care Technology through Strategic Academic Partnerships

In 1982, the rock band “The Cars” had a #2 hit with “Shake It Up,” a quintessential pop tune about letting go of your conventional self and dancing all night. To some, 1982 may seem like a long time ago, but defying convention remains a pop-and-rock-music staple (think Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”). More recently, “shaking it up” has made its way into the formerly staid world of health care under the guise of “disruptive technology” (Carnegie Mellon University, 2015).

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Time to Encourage Consumerism in Health Care

We don’t have to be experts to provide feedback.

I was doing some Google searching on the best way to find a doctor, trying to put myself in the shoes of a member who might be looking for services, and one of the articles that popped up struck such a chord that I had to put pen to paper.

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A Different Kind of Home under Construction: Behavioral Health Homes for the Seriously Mentally Ill

Over the past few years, health care reform has been buzzing with discussions about health homes. This new way of delivering health care is generating much enthusiasm among policymakers, payers, and practitioners. The goal, after all, is laudable: higher quality and lower cost, integrated care for more people. How do we provide care for our sickest patients at a cost we can bear? What does it mean to truly integrate care? At Beacon Health Options, we had the opportunity to apply our behavioral health expertise in support of this movement when we won a contract as the administrative services organization (ASO) for behavioral health homes in Connecticut. This contract was different work than what we had done before, and with…

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