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Resiliency: It’s not just a word. It’s my new normal.

Resiliency is one of Beacon Health Options’ core values: “We overcome adversity. We embrace that our work is hard, and sometimes does not go as planned. We meet these challenges head-on and constantly strive to better ourselves and our services.”

The last two and a half years have been my most difficult. I have been blind-sided, shocked, confused, and unsure of the future. And I have made many mistakes in my journey to cope, adapt, and thrive in the midst of uncertainty.

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What Is the Value of Corporate Values?

Many corporations have corporate values. Most corporations list their corporate values on their websites. Great corporations are those that manage to back up their words with actions. MEANINGFUL actions. David Beigie, Vice President of Public Affairs for State Farm, writes about this issue in a recent blog post. In this very brief post, Mr. Beigie challenges the reader to think about corporate values differently. Employees need more than a PowerPoint and a post-test to successfully operationalize corporate values. We need connection with one another and with those we serve to validate whether we are doing what we say we do. During my first few weeks as a part-time employee, I was struck by how often I observed each of the…

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