Clinical excellence

Lori’s lessons in leadership: Insights from a winning Beacon leader

Beacon’s Rocky Hill office in Connecticut was named as one of the top 60 workplaces in Connecticut by Hartford Courant, the fourth win for that office.

The team won the award every year from 2011-2013 when Lori Szczygiel was Connecticut CEO, and now again following her return to the position two years ago. Eight hundred employers competed for a slot via an independently administered survey sent to more than 23,000 employees. . . . Lori Szczygiel shares her leadership insight with Beacon Lens.

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Culturally sensitive trauma-informed care: Healing the mind through the heart

Unfortunately, trauma exists across all cultures and communities, but there are some cultures that inherit the pain of their forebears.

This is particularly true for Alaska Natives/American Indians whose hearts are intertwined across generations and losses of loved ones. That experience, coupled with a vanished way of life, perpetuates a sense of grief and trauma into present day.

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One of the toughest endeavors: Changing health behavior

Beacon Health Options’ mission is to help people live their lives to the fullest potential. It’s a simple, yet extraordinarily complicated, goal because it requires changing behavior at all levels – system, provider and individual.

Beacon has myriad programs to help improve individuals’ mental health, and ultimately, wellbeing. Programs range from pharmacy management to home-based therapy to opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment to intensive case management.

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Honoring Mental Health Awareness Month: What Does the Future Look Like?

In 1949, Mental Health America led the way in establishing May as Mental Health Awareness Month. Since that time, mental health care has come a long way through a better understanding of behavioral health conditions, the development of corresponding evidence-based practices, and improved health care delivery.

However, we still have a ways to go.

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Practical steps to clinical excellence

What makes a great therapist? What are the characteristics of therapists who stand head and shoulders above their peers in delivering effective outcomes for individuals involved in therapy?

Researchers have focused on the following factors:

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